1. CSIR will hold the above national level test on 23rd June, 2013 for determining the eligibility of the Indian national candidates for the award of Junior Research Fellowships (JRF)-NET and for determining eligibility for appointment of Lecturers-(NET) in certain subject areas falling under the faculty of Science. The award of Junior Research Fellowship- (NET) to the successful eligible candidates will depend on their finding admission/placement in a university/ national laboratory/ institution of higher learning and research, as applicable.
1.1 A candidate may apply either for ‘JRF’ OR for ‘Lectureship (LS) only’. He/she may indicate his/her preference in Col. 3 of the application, as the case may be. CSIR may consider candidates applying for ‘JRF’ or ‘Lectureship only’ depending on his/her performance in the test and number of fellowships available
1.2 Two separate merit lists, one comprising the candidates qualifying for the award of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF -NET) and the second, of those candidates qualifying the Eligibility Test for Lectureship (LS-NET), will be made on the basis of their performance in the above Test. Candidates qualifying for JRF (NET), will also be eligible for Lectureship- (NET), subject to fulfilling the eligibility criteria laid down by UGC.The candidates qualifying for Lectureship-(NET) will be eligible only for recruitment as Lecturers, as well as for JRF-ship in a Scheme/Project, if otherwise suitable. However they will not be eligible for Regular JRF-NET Fellowship. If a candidate is found to be overage for JRF-(NET), he/ she will automatically be considered for Lectureship-(NET) only. The candidates, who will qualify in the Test for eligibility for ‘Lectureship-(NET) only’, will be governed by the rules and regulations for recruitment of Lecturers as framed by the respective Universities/Colleges, subject to NET eligiblity criteria
& verification of required certificates/documents by the UGC.
1.3 The result of the single MCQ examination to be held on 23.06.2013 may be declared sometime in September, 2013 and will be posted on their website: http://www.csirhrdg.res.in.
Candidates qualifying for the award of JRF-(NET) will receive fellowship either from CSIR or UGC as per their assignment or from the Schemes with which they may find association, subject to fullfilling of JRF (NET) eligibility criteria & verification of required certificates/documents by the CSIR/UGC respectively

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